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In 2011 Robin received her coaching certification from The Habit Change Company. She came to this path after many years in senior leadership positions in the banking industry, where Robin managed multiple teams and direct reports. In 2013, she received her coaching credentials from the International Coaching Federation. Her formal professional coaching accomplishments augmented many of the team building, conflict resolution and talent management skills she developed throughout her corporate career.

Robin is known in the communities she serves for her passion in Health and Wellness and for leveraging her corporate experiences to the benefit of nonprofit organizations.

Known as a consensus builder, Robin is “action oriented,” and successfully combines her "people skills” with “business acumen” to better develop management skills, heighten self- awareness, and achieve desired results into the personal and professional lives of those she coaches.

As Robin says, “I use gentle humor and intuition to break down barriers, engage people and create trust. This process helps my clients gain clarity, confidence and focus on what is most important to them.”

"I have heard Robin coach on several occasions and have found her to be insightful and non-judgmental.  She partners well with her clients and has a great sense of humor that allows the coachee to engage and grow from a lighthearted frame of mind.  I highly recommend having Robin be your coach - her work and life experiences along with her ability to help people change are a winning combination!"

Chris Coward, MSW, PCC
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Robin Otto, PCC • Leadership, Career Transition & Life Coach • robinottocoaching@gmail.com • (610) 529-9667