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Business and Leadership

• Difficult Performance Conversations – Expectations, Accountability & Mastering the Non-Confrontational Conversation
• Change Management – Learn to Deal, Face it and Master the Monster
• Team Building – How to Play Nicely Together, pass the ball and win the game
• The Leader Within You – The learned skills that you can develop regardless of your job title

Health & Wellness

• Energy Management – Be the boss of your time and be your most productive and happy self
• Weight Management –Lliving and enjoying life so you can be and feel your best
• Stress Reduction - Explore the Possibilites
• Personal Goal Setting – gain clarity and focus to achieve your dreams


• Life Balance- Solving the puzzle to having it all
• Simplify Your Life and Learn to Say No – The power of “No” so you can reduce stress and enjoy “Yes” Guilt Free
• Mastering the Uncomfortable Conversation – finding freedom, confidence and improved relationships
• Parenting and Relationship Skills – the art of conversation and “listening to what is not said”


Workshops, small groups or individual sessions; Workshops are ½ day or full day
Typical individual coaching sessions are 40 minute telephone conversations.
Team Corporate Rates Available.
From time to time, Robin will call on her network of skilled professional coaches for his/her expertise to help facilitate training, coaching or workshops on an as need basis.

“Robin is a highly skilled coach who shows deep respect and genuine concern for her clients. She approaches her coaching with a non-judging curiosity.  In addition, Robin is a wonderful person with a kind heart.”

Jeff Kaplan, Ph.D.,
President and Co-Founder, Habit Change Company

Robin Otto, PCC • Leadership, Career Transition & Life Coach • robinottocoaching@gmail.com • (610) 529-9667